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Our customers truly appreciate our service and the attention to detail and support we provide in organizing their Sri Lanka vacation packages. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Valerie St Quinton, Italy (February 2018)

I am having an amazing holiday and will be back soon!

Monica Hamilton, USA (February 2018)

We did appreciated the fact that we were notified of situation at Ella Flower Garden and that SLD took care of it for us! The advantage of working with a local company and the “surprise” at the 98 Acres was a huge plus. All in all we would highly recommend Sri Lankan Dreams! Tour manager caught the every other day to make sure everything was going well – much appreciated.  Enjoyed Deva well informed and great sense of humor. You are lucky to have him.

Mala Rao, UK (February 2018)

We have had a very good holiday. The itinerary was well organized and fitted our requirements perfectly. The hotels were in the main, very good, and the standard of the food was very high. Shiral was a very friendly, helpful driver with a very good knowledge of the geography and history of Sri Lanka. His driving was very safe which made the longer journeys very comfortable and very enjoyable.

Loretta Stowell, UK (February 2018)

Shiral was an exceptional guide. He quickly accessed our preferences and like magician personalized our tour still more to make everything happened for us. One day Shiral commissioned a jeep to take us on a unique tour of village life, rural farming and wild life. It was completely his own initiative and we could not have dreamed it up if we tried. This was a unforgettable experience – completely off the “beaten track” and highly depended on detailed local knowledge. Shiral’s extensive knowledge of all aspects of Sri Lanka really brought this land to life. Most importantly for me his detailed knowledge of birds and wildlife. Shiral left out no detail in looking after us. He anticipated any problem and solved it before it happened. We felt completely at home and safe in his hands.

Rajni Mukherjee, India ( January 2018)

We, my father and I, had an amazing lifetime experience which will stay in our minds forever. It was because of our guide and friend Sam that we chose to revisit this paradise isle! No amount of words can really do justice to Sam, so we recommend anyone to experience Sri Lanka with Sam as their guide. Sri Lankan Dreams provided us with an itinerary which covered a variety of aspects of travel. They gave personalized attention apart from personalizing our tour. We are grateful for the soul stirring experience.

Elliot Werth, UK (January 2018)

We had a great holiday & managed to get so much into our time in Sri Lanka. The tour exceeded our expectations & we hope to come back to see more of this beautiful country in the near future. John was an amazing guide.

Hitesh Patel, UK (January 2018)

Excellent care & attention by Sri Lankan Dreams. Cannot fault the company and everything from booking to holiday experience has been very good. Some of the hotels could be better, but they were all still very good. I will recommend your company to all my friends and family. Our driver, Deepthi was very good, went out of his way to all our silly requests – good job by him.

Allison Stratford, UK (January 2018)

Excellent Company with very knowledgeable staff. Sarah – arranged everything – very good service and always replied to emails within 24 hours. Ranjith – excellent guide and driver. Would recommend this company 100%

Jane Allman, UK (January 2018)

Loved the flexibility of the itinerary so we could plan each day to suit how we felt at the time. More diversity with shopping opportunities might have been good although we did have limited time for this through our choice. It might be nice to have some information booklets in the car about the regions. flora & fauna, local customs etc just to help acclamatise. Water and refreshing wipes in the car might be nice. Wonderful country, people, culture, wild life – beautiful in every area. Fabulous food and drinks. Love it, Thank you!

Maria Pedernera, Netherlands (January 2018)

The trip has been amazing! We have fallen in love with this island! There is so much culture and nature to visit and enjoy. The cultural stops are so interesting. The fact of having a local guide is excellent as you can understand the meaning behind all stories and traditions. The nature is non stop show, you are constantly amazed. We will recommend our family and friends to visit Sri Lanka! it is such a complete country where all kind of tourists will enjoy their holidays no matter what their interests are.