Holiday Protected


Your Sri Lanka holiday tours are financially protected pound for pound, via the trustee mechanism in accordance with the Travel and Package Regulations Act of 1992.

We are a well funded, liquid and cash flow generative business and we are confident that the trust mechanism protects the consumer best, as opposed to taking out bonded insurance. Additionally, unlike other businesses, Sri Lankan Dreams is debt free and we secure favourable terms from hotels based on personal relationships and the strength of our network and resources.

Your holidays are financially protected via an independent trustee, A&K Trustee. As such, once we receive payment from you, this will be held with an independent trustee until you return. This highlights our confidence in the product we offer, our seamless service and the value we place on each and every customer. You are assured therefore that all holidays provided by our company are fully financially protected.

In the highly unlikely and improbably event of our insolvency the money held by the trustee and will be used for repatriation.

Sri Lankan Dreams is registered as Melon Kugar Ltd (09840778) in London. We are also¬†registered Melon Kugar Asia (PVT) Ltd in Colombo, Sri Lanka and we are approved by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board.



We use the Secure Payments System from Wirecard AG for all credit and debit card transactions. Advanced encryption will prevent your personal information from being intercepted by any unauthorised third parties.

Clients receive an added level of protection from credit card companies when purchasing their holidays using their credit cards. Additionally, the trust mechanism of financial protection will apply for clients from the UK.